Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Custom Bottombumpers Diapers

For most people, diapers are for function only. Cloth diapering parents know that diapers can also be a fashion statement! On warm weather days, a t-shirt paired with a cloth diaper makes a cool and comfy outfit and allows for easy diaper changes. For special occasions or to take the fashion one step further, Bottombumpers offers custom diapers. It's the perfect option when you need a color combination that's "just so."

There are two ways to customize your Bottombumpers diaper. Customers can opt to change the snaps from white to a coordinating color. This is a great for matching a diaper to a favorite team's colors or to show school pride. For the ultimate in cloth diaper cuteness, you can add an embroidery design. There are about 100 different designs to choose from. It's easy to create a diaper for a birthday or for a special family member. Per special request, they'll also add a name!

Group ordering for custom diapers through Snooty Booty Diapers goes in on the 10th of each month. For a small fee, you can opt to have the diapers shipped directly to you to avoid the wait. If you're looking for something special, this diaper is it!