Friday, March 26, 2010

FAQ: Are natural fibers stay-dry?

Q: I want to use diapers with natural fabrics, but I also want a stay dry diaper. Are any natural fibers stay-dry?

A: Many parents like cloth diapers because they are a departure from the chemicals found in disposables. It makes sense that many want to choose natural fibers for their baby's cloth diapers. Unfortunately, they also want a stay-dry feeling, which is usually found in diapers with synthetic microfleece or suedecloth.

Is there a way to combine the two? Raw silk liners, while not completely stay-dry, do provide a more dry feeling than cotton or hemp. If you're looking to keep it all natural, this may be an option to look at. If your main concern is the "stinkiness" that you've heard microfiber can develop over time, then look for natural fiber inserts, like cotton, hemp or bamboo (which does often have a bit of polyester in it). Keep in mind that any fiber can develop some smell or ammonia build-up over time, and finding a good wash routine is the best way to prevent it.

Another option is to lay a fleece liner over a prefold or natural fiber fitted. You'll enjoy most of the benefits of natural fibers while keeping baby's bottom drier.



Michelle - Mom of 3 Munchkins said...

Thanks for this great info! I've wondered this myself.
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Michelle said...

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