Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fine Fluffy Feature: Softbums Toggle

Whether you use sized or one size diapers, there usually comes a point when your child is between the sizes (or size settings) for a particular brand. Diaper makers try to eliminate these gaps as much as possible, but they do still exist. Unless, of course, you're using Softbums.

Unlike other one size diapers, Softbums has no predetermined size settings. Instead of snap-down settings, Softbums uses a small toggle to adjust the leg elastic in the diaper. This allows parents to adjust the fit by a fraction of an inch. It's hard to get a more customized fit anywhere else.

There can be learning curve when using this kind of design, but once parents use Softbums a few times, they are often in love! It's unusual to find a one size diaper with such a trim fit, and there are soaker options to fit most preferences. If you're interested in Softbums but aren't sure quite how to use them, this video from the Softbums site may be helpful.

If you seem to be between sizes a lot, check out Softbums' toggle-a fine fluffy feature!



Beccalynn said...

What a sweet idea! I don't have any softbums, I guess I should check them out!