Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knickernappies 2G or One Size: Which to Choose?

I bought my first Knickernappies diaper almost 3 years ago in the search for a trim-fitting pocket. I liked the 2G version on my older daughter and LOVED the fit on my younger daughter. We used them starting in the newborn stage on her, and I was always impressed with how they held in that explosive newborn poo. The 2G pockets work well with a variety of inserts, from microfiber to hemp, but they are best paired with a LoopyDo. In my opinion, it gives the diaper an unbeatable combo of trim, effective absorbency.

Fast forward a little to the release of the Knickernappies one size diaper. I was happy with the sized version and wasn't really sure I needed a one size Knickernappies. When the details were released, I was intrigued. Side snapping one size diapers are rare, and the one size has a medium-short size, a setting most one size diapers lack. I was throughly convinced it was a great diaper when I tried it on my younger daughter and the smooth fit across the tummy made it easy for her jeans to fit!

So, two great diapers, two different versions. Which one to choose? If you're like me, your stash might consist of a sized/one size combination. I truly see the value in having both. The fit is similar between the two, but not identical. If you absolutely have to choose between the two, here are some bulletpoints to make it easier:

*trimmer fit
*elastic at the tummy can be good for tummy sleepers
*sized option gives a customized fit for some babies

*less diapers to buy
*option to use the smaller insert as a doubler
*4 size settings fits a wider range of babies
*smooth fit across tummy

It's always a good idea to look at the thigh, waist and rise measurements when deciding which style might work best for your baby. Let me know if you need help deciding, or try one of each. With Knickernappies superior construction, quality materials and warranty, you can't go wrong!