Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Special: Tons of sales and double Booty Bucks!

I'm sorry to post this so late in the day-since it's not a full day to take advantage of specials, this will extend from Saturday, March 27th through Monday, March 29th.

There are a lot of great deals going on at Snooty Booty Diapers right now, and it's hard to top them with another special. So, mention Cloth Diapers Made Simple at checkout through Monday and you'll receive double Booty Bucks on your order. That makes it only $100 to get your $5 reward, even less if you have some points banked. Check the Booty Bucks page for the latest updates to the program, including a store credit option.

Here are the other specials right now:
Mommy's Touch diapers are buy 6, get 1 free. Buy 12, get 2 free! That brings the cost of these diapers to as low as $14.52. Wow!

Happy Heiny's mama pads are buy 5, get 1 free.

Knickernappies and Rocky Mountain Diapers are on sale through 3/31

All that, and double Booty Bucks! Enjoy :)