Thursday, April 8, 2010

100% Reusable Diapers Campaign Continued!

100% reusable diapers, 100% of the time. That's what the Real Diaper Association is aiming for!Last quarter, the RDA focused on night diapering. With tons of tips and great resources shared, they are moving on to traveling with cloth.
I've written about traveling with cloth and just recently traveled with cloth during a short two-night road trip my family took. Two nights is fairly easy, and shorter trips are a good place to start. Once you're comfortable traveling for shorter trips, it's easier to plan for longer ones. You'll get a sense of what you'll need and how to keep traveling with cloth as convenient as possible.
Here are some tips from my experiences:
~Having a hanging pail or a doorknob pail makes it easy to store your dirty diapers. They can go anywhere and will hold a lot!
~If you need to do diaper laundry while you're away, a product like EcoNuts makes it easy to clean your diapers without worrying about traveling with liquid or powder detergent. No need to measure and it's great for camping and cleaning outdoors!
~Diapers like all-in-twos can reduce bulk and maximize space in your luggage. If you're worried about running out of covers on longer trips, it's not difficult to hand-wash or rinse covers and hang them to dry.
Have some tips of your own? Share them here or at the RDA site!