Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Years and Counting...

A few days ago was the third anniversary of my older daughter's first cloth diaper. At the time I was so excited...after finally selecting some diapers to buy, prepping it and putting it on! I don't think anyone ever feels this way about disposables. I think that I knew we'd love cloth diapering, since I thought it was important enough to take a picture. I didn't realize, however, the many diapers we'd try, how it would lead me to Snooty Booty Diapers, this blog and more.

What about that first cloth diaper? It was (is) a medium butter FuzziBunz. And after 3 years in almost constant rotation, this diapers is still going strong. The elastic still holds everything in, the snaps are still on, and it doesn't leak. For a diaper that's been washed a couple hundred times (at least) I think it looks pretty good.

The inner is not as snowy white as it once was, but it's not so bad. I really think the sun should get the credit :)

Can you expect this from every cloth diaper? I have some diapers that aren't as old and aren't in as good condition. I know some people that bought the same brand and didn't have the experience we have had. I think it's been a combination of good care and good luck. Looking at all of our oldest diapers, though, the snapping diapers have held up much better. It probably helped that this diaper has been in the dryer less than 20 times. Line drying really is best for elastic.

What was your first cloth diaper? How old is the oldest diaper in your rotation? What have you done to keep it in good condition?