Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Customer Rave: AMP 2 Layer Hemp Inserts

Thanks to Ashley for sharing this rave! It's always great to know when a product is working well. I especially love the part about how it's even easy for daddy to use :).

Product Review: AMP 2-layer hemp insert
I gotta say I never would have guessed it, but this insert is the answer to all of my cloth diapering dilemas. Yes it reduces bulk and absorbs more than microfiber just like all hemp inserts do, but what this one does that the others don't...adjusts in width.

That's right, since it's a flat piece of hemp that's folded to fit the width of your diaper it suddenly becomes the universal insert. No more of the confusion that comes with the these inserts are for this diaper and those are for these scenario. Now even my husband can stuff a diaper (if I didn't already get that far) without me chasing after him going, "This one works better!!" Another bonus...since it is folded it can be thinner and still have many layers of absorbency. This means it dries faster.

One other bonus...if you're a one size diaper fan like me, it doubles as a small and large insert. If you want a small insert fold it the short way...a large insert fold it the long way. I used to think, "if Joey Bunz is made to fit FuzziBunz it must be the best insert for the diaper." This statement is just an example...I was a brand-grouping girl across the board. This mind set is wrong! The moral of this review...don't be afraid to mix and match brands, you may be pleasantly surprised!!