Friday, April 16, 2010

FAQ Friday: When is it time to size up my one size diaper?

Q: How do I know when I should change the setting on my one-size diaper?

A: One-size diapers definitely make sizing-up-time more convenient. No buying the next size, waiting for them to arrive, and seeing if they fit. But sizing up too soon may mean that the diaper fits too loosely, causing leaks. When to change the setting, then?

I find that it's time to change the setting when I'm pulling up at the diaper when putting it on. If I'm trying to get more rise, it usually means my daughter needs more rise. With a snap-down rise like bumGenius or Tiny Tush, it's a fast fix. A diaper like the FuzziBunz one size can take a little longer to adjust, so I like to make sure I do it correctly. Often, I just need to change the leg opening and can leave the top elastic alone. Try to only up the diaper one setting. There's a good chance you'll get leaks around the legs if you adjust too many settings higher.

If all your diapers seem to be suddenly leaking, don't panic. Try setting them on the next largest setting. Fit is everything when it comes to diaper performance.

When you adjust to the next setting, you may find that you are putting the waist a little tighter than before. As long as your baby is comfortable, this isn't a problem.

Too-big diapers will leak, but so will diapers that are too small. If your one-size diapers seem leaky from the get-go, it may be that the diaper is set too large. Try a smaller setting the next time around!