Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Need Your Diapering Thoughts and Ideas!

In working on a few upcoming posts, I found that I wanted some thoughts from my readers in addition to my own. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or through the Contact Form. I'm happy to include your quotes in the related posts!
~What made you decide to use cloth diapers?
~What is it about cloth diapering that makes it so addictive?
~Have you ever switched the style of diaper you're using? Why?
~How did you finally conquer the "stinkies"?
Thanks for your help!



Stephanie said...

Cloth diapering is addictive because there are always SO many to try, and they're SO cute. Add in the ease, functionality, and eco-friendly parts, and how can you not be always trying new diapers?

We've switched the style we use several times for different reasons. We switched from pockets and mf to aios/fitteds with organic natural fibers because of leaks and a desire to switch to organic products in many areas of our lives. We're now switching back to pockets for a while b/c of a stubborn rash that won't heal. Since moving back to stay-dry pockets, the rash is healing nicely. We are still having leaks, and I loooove our fitteds/aio's/ai2's w/ organic fabrics, so I think this will be a mostly temporary change.

We've not had major "stink" problems at all with our diapers, just a couple of bouts here an there. Switching to rockin' green hard rock seems to be doing well, and running a short wash on our front loader instead of just a rinse before the heavy cycle w/ detergent seems to be working for us so far.

Stacey said...

I wanted to try cloth when I was pregnant but my husband said no and it wasn't really all that important to me at the time. As my daughter went through sposies at an alarming rate my interest in cloth was renewed. I took on the attitude of "I'm doing cloth regardless of what you think". I compromised, though, and did sposies at night. Baby steps :)

now we're on baby #2 and DH is ALL ABOUT cloth!

It's addictive just like shoes, bags, jewelry, hats, clothes, etc can be. Prints, patterns, colors, and just the fluffy butt make it so easy to try new things.

With my first it was FB pockets. I dabbled in a few other arenas but had the most success with the FB. With #2 I'm all about the fitteds but actually rotate between those, pfs and covers, and OS FB/BG 3.0. Depends on my mood!

(knock on wood) I'm keeping the stinkies at bay so far. I just added in the H2O at Home laundry ball and am using even LESS detergent for the wash -- and my diapers are CLEANER and smell great! Since I use Allens there's no perfume or fragrance but the laundry ball makes them come out smelling sweet, like they've been line-dried.


I was just trying to remember how I decided I wanted to start CDing... and I can't! I know meeting you at your shop and seeing all the diapers in person was what sealed the deal.
I have tried a few styles besides my beloved Bum Genius but I always come back to the Bum Genius. However we swear by Blueberry pockets at night, or Thirsties.

I had one "stink" episode so I used BacOut and that was that!