Friday, April 2, 2010

Product Focus: Kissaluvs Fitted Diapers

In my quest to begin cloth diapering, I was continually drawn to Kissaluvs diapers. From the rave reviews about how well they held in newborn poo to the cozy-looking design, they just looked like great diapers. In addition to being well-made, Kissaluvs products are made in the USA and have an outstanding lifetime snap guarantee!

Kissaluvs has greatly expanding their offering in the past year, with the Marvels line of one-size fitteds, covers and all-in-one diapers. They also have a great hybrid contour, wool cover and antibacterial pail liner. The products make great additions for customers that love the Kissaluvs name and the quality behind the brand.

In spite of all these products, I am still drawn to the Kissa's fitted diapers, especially the size 0. The compact design and the snap-down for the umbilical cord bring back fond memories of diapering my newborn. There's a reason why Kissaluvs have a great reputation for holding in those newborn messes! A favorite for newborns, but what about as baby grows?

Last Fall, Kissaluvs made some improvements to their Kissa's with the 2.0 version. Instead of an all-cotton diaper, the inner soaker is now microfiber. This increased absorbency without adding bulk. It's an important change for parents that love Kissa's but found the absorbency lacking in the larger sizes. It's now easier to use them through training!

If you use and love Kissaluvs products, be sure to see if any of their new products would be good additions for your stash. If you haven't used them, take a look. There's certainly a product for you!