Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Product Review: Tiny Tush One Size Hemp Fitted Diapers

I love one size diapers for the ease and convenience of buying one size and being done with it. When I had 2 children in cloth, one size meant less bulk in the diaper bag and easier changes. There are some downsides to one size, though and bulk is one of the them. One size fitteds especially tend to be fairly bulky.

That's why I was excited when Tiny Tush came out with a one size hemp fitted diaper. Tiny Tush has great cotton and organic cotton versions of their one size fitted, but the hemp version offers a trim fit and even greater absorbency. This is an unbeatable combination for naps and nighttime!

Tiny Tush's hemp fitted diaper offers an easy-snap down front to quickly change sizes. Since the hemp fabric is trim, it's not a bulky front. My daughter is using the second largest setting at about 23 pounds and has plenty of room to grow. I like that Tiny Tush diapers have 4 size settings for greater adjustability. There's a better chance that the diaper will reach its full weight potential.

In order to give even better customization, the diaper has a snap-in soaker. It not only makes this diaper dry faster, but the soaker can be used as a contour diaper on its own (for small newborns). Being far past the newborn stage, I couldn't attempt this on my daughter. Someone will need to let me know how it works out!

How is the fit? I like that there are crossover snaps to really fit small waists well. If you need the diaper to fit more trimly, you can take out the soaker and the diaper will still have plenty of absorbency. On the flip side, if you need to add a doubler, the diaper is trim enough that it won't be super bulky. Look at this great fit under jeans!

I tried this diaper during the day and for some long naps. It really held up well and we never reached saturation point. Depending on how heavy a wetter your child is, you can use this at night on its own or with some added absorbency. You won't have a lot of bulk, though. For fun, I tried it under a small Thirsties cover (at 23 lbs., my daughter really has no business wearing this anymore). It fit!

It's rare to find a really absorbent one size diaper that fits trimly and doesn't take forever to dry. I'm so glad that I found it in the hemp Tiny Tush. My one nit-picking comment would be that I didn't like how the front of the diaper curled forward a little bit. Since it's a fitted under a cover, it's not a huge deal. But, since I noticed it, I feel the need to mention it. It's not enough of a reason to keep my from recommending it, and it may not happen with every diaper. If you're looking for a trim, absorbent one size fitted and are considering this diaper, go for it!