Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All-in-Two Diapers-Are they for You?

New cloth diapering products seem to follow trends. A year or so ago, one-size was "it." Many brands released a one-size version into their line, or are currently testing a one-size version. Now, it seems that each brand is developing their own all-in-two version. When I first started diapering, very few diapers were all-in-twos. Now, they are commonplace. What's the idea behind an all-in-two?

Customers really seem to like the all-in-two idea. The style combines the ease of an all-in-one diaper with the cost-saving aspects of prefolds and covers. Instead of changing the entire diaper for each change, only the soaker is replaced. Since a soaker is less expensive than an entire pocket or all-in-one, using 2-3 soakers per cover, or shell, makes the system less expensive.

Some discerning customers look at an all-in-two, particularly something like Flip organic and say, "How is that different than a prefold and cover?" In many ways, it's not. Trifolding a prefold and laying in a cover is the original all-in-two system! Many all-in-two systems are a little fancier than prefolds, with stay-dry or snap-in soakers. This can make them a little friendlier to parents who are intimidated by prefolds.

If all-in-twos are cost-effective, easy to use, and take up less space, why go with anything else? As with any diaper style, it can have downsides. Babies with very messy may not get full use out of each cover, and some parents like a completely fresh diaper with each change. For day cares, some state regulations require a complete change with no reusing part of the diaper. As with anything, lifestyle and preference reign supreme.

Want to try and all-in-two, but aren't sure which one is for you? Here's a quick summary of the offerings at Snooty Booty Diapers:

GroVia has a TPU outer with athletic wicking material inner. The soaker is organic cotton and snaps in the front and back. A booster can be laid on top or tucked into the soaker layers.

Flip-Flip offers a choice of stay-dry soakers with microfiber or organic cotton prefolds. The soakers are lain into the cover and can be used with different systems. Likewise, other soakers can be used with the Flip cover.
Softbums-Softbums has a fleece-lined cover and internal leg adjustment. Stay-dry microfiber and bamboo as well as velour-topped bamboo soakers are available. The snap-in soakers are long and are folded according to where baby needs absorbency the most.

Mommy's Touch-Budget Bottoms have stay-dry microfiber or hemp soakers. A main soaker snaps in the top. A booster can snap into the soaker or the front of the cover, depending on where the baby needs absorbency.

Sprout Change-Another internal adjustment diaper, Sprout Change is unique the the few snaps on the cover (which is also reversible). A hemp insert is covered by a poly or organic sleeve, which agitates out in the wash.

Thirsties Duo-Pairing a Duo Wrap with the Duo insert turns this system into an all-in-two. The lay-in inserts have stay-dry tops and a microfiber/hemp combination underneath.

AMP-AMP one size Duos are actually a pocket diaper OR an all-in-two. This great versatility gives a wide range of insert or soaker options.

Is all-in-two for you?



Jill said...

My baby tends to soil the cover each and every time. Grr. So either I need to get another softbums cover, or just plan on using the other ones elsewhere, I did get a thirsties duo wrap in a giveaway with nothing to go under it, so I'm testing it out to see how it works with the soft bums insert in it.

dannyscotland said...

As a mom who uses prefolds and covers, I have to admit something. I don't really "get" all in twos. To me, they seem like a cover with a fancy diaper inside. They're not that exciting to me. Maybe I'm missing something, but that's how it seems to me. But it's okay, because if it helps a mom choose cloth, I'm for it!