Monday, May 17, 2010

Business Spotlight: Batya Organics

T-shirts are a staple in my household. Especially in the summer, they are easy to throw on over a bathing suit, they are cool and comfy and easy to match with jeans or solid-colored shorts (or a cute diaper :). I haven't seen too many new ideas for t-shirts until I saw Rachel Altintoff's Batya Organics Tees.

Rachel is photographer and envisions t-shirts as "canvasses" to display her photographic art. Her 100% organic t-shirts are printed with pictures from her travels in Africa using low-impact dyes. “Possessing a wonderful appreciation for the world around them, children are always enthusiastic about seeing photographs that not only reflect their own experiences,” notes Altintoff,” but also excite their imaginations.”

These t-shirts are great, since they combine art with children's love of animals. Available with elephant, baboon, rhino, giraffe or zebra designs, the shirts are very eye-catching. The real photographs on the shirts make them educational as well as adorable. Rachel is a local mom, so I'm proud to offer them for sale at Snooty Booty Diapers. They are perfect for romping around in this summer and pair so well with the new Bottombumpers hook and loop colors that just came out!