Monday, May 10, 2010

Business Spotlight: The Modest Mom

Being a mom has completely changed the way clothes fit, whether it's from wider hips to my shirts getting tugged and pulled every which way. It's not always easy to find affordable clothes that are cute and provide adequate coverage. Finding appropriate maternity clothing was an even greater struggle.

Enter The Modest Mom. Caroline offers regular skirts and maternity skirts that you won't need to tug down. For affordability, there's also a selection of used tops. For those that have needed a great maternity skirt, you know the difficulty in finding something that fits. It's easy to customize the length and size to get what you need!

The Modest Mom also offers nursing covers that are cute without being too flashy. Prices on all items are affordable. If you're having trouble finding a great skirt or some maternity clothes that fit, check out The Modest Mom and see what this Work-at-Home Mom can do for you!



Tiffany Lamb said...

THanks for the great link. I get so tired of only finding clothes that make my body hang out, I like to cover up a little.

Michelle said...

It is hard! I don't want to dress like a teenager, but I'm not an old lady...yet!