Monday, May 24, 2010

Business Spotlight: Nanny Deprived

As you've probably realized, it helps to have a good sense of humor if you're a parent. You need it when you're running 10 minutes late, strapping the last kid into the car seat and realizing someone pooped. That's why Nanny Deprived is such a great site. This retro-inspired and designed store has products you can use while still feeling hip and fun.

One of the products that made me laugh is MomSpit. I remember the horror of seeing a wet finger come at a sticky spot on my face and really don't want to put my children through it. MomSpit can help take care of that.

From nursing moms to personalized baby clothing to aprons to lunchboxes, this site really has it covered. It's really great to find products that are useful, functional and stylish. Amanda at Nanny Deprived also has a great community built up, with a blog, story contest opportunities and a Fun Mom Facts page.

If you're looking for a site with a large selection of useful products and for a quick 5 minutes to not take life so seriously, take a look at Nanny Deprived!