Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cloth Diapering Twitter Party Tonight!

Last month (can it already be almost a month ago?) Snooty Booty Diapers sponsored the #GetRealDiapers Twitter Party on Earth Day. Tonight, there's another Twitter party for cloth diapering parents. This time, the focus is #OperationFluffy. OperationFluffy is a quest to get cloth diapers featured on The Ellen Show. Last week, Ellen featured blue jeans diapers. Sound adorable? They would be-if they were made of denim. Instead, they are disposable diapers made by Huggies.
Many parents that use disposable diapers think these blue jean diapers are the cutest thing ever. Think how many may be persuaded to make the switch to cloth if they saw how cute cloth diapers are...enter #OperationFluffy. Calley from EcoMomMedia and Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry are working hard to campaign for Ellen to highlight real diapers on her show. Tonight at 9 PM ET, join in on the #OperationFluffy Twitter Party. Cloth diapering tweets will fly back and forth, trying to get the attention of @TheEllenShow.
If you're free at that time, join in and send a tweet or two!



Jill said...

ARgh. I had issues on Earth day and they are rearing their ugly heads again. I tweet and tweet and nothing shows up. It says SUCCESS! And it posts to my twitter page, but my tweet grid stubbornly remains blank. I can @ someone and they see it, but just to say hi and #operationfluffy, I get nothing to show up on the #operationfluffy side so no one can 'really' see me.

Michelle said...

I'm not technical enough to explain why that may be happening. If you use @TheEllenShow, it should show up to them, though!