Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product Focus: Mommy's Touch Budget Bottoms

Love all-in-two diapers? Here's a new one for you! The latest product from Mommy's Touch, Budget Bottoms, combines the fit of its traditional pocket and all-in-one diapers with the cost-saving benefits of an all-in-two diaper. Despite the name, however, the materials and workmanship are the same quality you have come to expect in the Mommy's Touch line.

The cover, or shell, of the system has the same fit and size adjustment mechanism of the other Mommy's Touch Diapers. The sandwich PUL means that nothing plasticy is against the skin, but it's still possible to wipe or rinse the shell between changes. Mommy's Touch diapers have great coverage, so it's easy to fit chunky tummies, bottoms and thighs.

The inserts are microfiber topped with microfleece. A hemp version is coming soon for those that prefer natural insert fibers. The insert is actually two pieces-the main insert and an additional soaker/booster. I like this because it's easy to fit the inserts in the diaper no matter what setting you are using. You don't have to worry about folding it down, trying not to shift it, etc. Both pieces snap into the shell. Depending on the size setting you are using, it's possible to snap the booster onto the main insert or onto the shell itself. That way you get full coverage and maximum asborbency at each size.

Like other Mommy's Touch diapers, the Budget Bottoms fit a little larger than some other one-size diapers. I wouldn't really recommend them for newborns, but would advise parents to go with the newborn sized Budget Bottoms. The newborn size fits up to about 12 pounds. By that weight, the regular Budget Bottoms should fit well.

I was fortunate to get a chance to test the Budget Bottoms during the development phase this past fall. I was happy with the absorbency and fit of the diapers, and had no problem getting a few changes per shell. With very messy bowel movements, you may find that you need to wash the shell instead of reusing. I didn't notice that this happened any more than with other all-in-two systems.

Even with purchasing both the newborn and one size sets, the cost for this system is less than $400. That's a great deal for diapers from birth to potty-training! The quality is good, despite the name, so it's a definite consideration for those looking for an all-in-two system.