Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Product Focus: Thirsties Duo Insert

Over the past year, Thirsties has been adding many great products to their Duo Line. First came the Duo Wraps, then the Duo Diaper. Snaps in the wraps, prints in both. What could make this line better? Inserts!

Another diapering system is joining the all-in-two love. Thirsties recently introduced the Duo prefold and the Duo insert. The Duo prefold is a trim one size hemp prefold. The Duo insert is 2 snap together pieces, similar to the Duo Diaper insert. The top layer is a fleece-topped microfiber and the bottom layer is hemp. Both inserts are designed for great absorbency, quick drying time, and a trim fit.

Confused about all the Duo options? Here's a rundown:

Duo wrap-This is a 2-size cover that can be used with your favorite fitteds, prefolds or Duo inserts. It has no absorbency on its own, just acts as a waterproof cover. It can be used several times before washing.

Duo Diaper-This is a 2-size pocket style diaper, with a waterproof pocket diaper and insert. It's used once before washing.'

Duo inserts-There are 2 options, the hemp prefold and stay-dry insert. Both are used once before washing. They have no absorbency on their own and must be used with a cover or wrap.

The new inserts options allow parents to use the Thirsties Duo system for as little as $11 per change. This is a great deal. Remember that Thirsties products are made in the USA. I've always enjoyed using them and look forward to adding these options to our stash!



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