Thursday, May 6, 2010

Product Review: Bummis Easy Fit

Bummis products are really awesome-their Super Whisper Wraps are workhorse covers for us. With organic prefolds, biosoft liners and more, they really do offer a complete diapering solution. When they announced the arrival of the Easy Fit a few months ago, I knew that it would probably be a great diaper as well.

The Easy Fit is made in Scotland by TotsBots (they also make the Bamboozle fitteds). Not a simple pocket, not an all-in-one, this diaper is a a stuffed pocket diaper. What does that mean? The soaker is attached to the diaper. Before you start grumbling about drying time, know that that soaker stuffs into the pocket (reminds me of a tongue) and agitates out in the wash, but remains connected as one piece. Since the soaker is microfiber on the bottom and bamboo on top, it doesn't take forever to dry. Unlike an all-in-one, it's easy to customize the absorbency with extra room with in the pocket.

I really liked the fit on my daughter. I used the middle snap setting, and the fit wasn't really bulky. I used it a few times without any added absorbency. It leaked the first couple of times, and I worried that it might not be absorbent enough on its own. A few more washes told me that this is a diaper that really needs a lot of prepping. As it gained absorbency, the leaks stopped. Washing was really easy-I just tossed it in, and the soaker agitated out of the pocket. I hung the whole thing on the drying rack overnight, and in the morning the diaper was completely dry. This is good news for those that like to keep their diapers out of the dryer.

Since some one-size diapers don't fit small babies well, the Easy Fit has a TiniFit version that fits from 5-12 pounds. This is a good option if you are expecting a small baby or an unexpected preemie.

I love the colors offered in the EasyFit-blueberry, lemon, orange, lime, lemon and pomegranate (white as well). Yummy names fora yummy diaper! The one thing I'd like to see on this diaper are crossover tabs on both sides. It's just nice to have it on both, and I feel the tabs hold up better with the extra reinforcement. Overall though, a well-fitting diaper that's easy to use!