Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Business Spotlight: Ruby Ryder Attire and Gifts

I'm always amazed at the creativity a t-shirt inspires and even happier when I find a talented mom in my home state! Ruby Ryder Attire and Gifts is run by Kim, a fellow New Jersey mom. She crafts appliqued garments, hair bows, tutus and more.

One thing I loved about the designs in Ruby Ryder is that they are so vibrant and eye-catching. This organic peacock tee is unlike a lot of designs found on children's clothing. Kim has a lot of really cute ideas, like this elephant shirt and will work with you to create custom designs as well. Her hair clips compliment the t-shirts nicely, so it's easy to put together a great gift or outfit for a lucky child.

If you see something you like but it's not in the correct size or shirt color, just let Kim know. She can re-create any design and turnaround time is about a week. That's not a long wait, and this way you can get matching shirts for siblings!

The prices at Ruby Ryder are extremely reasonable-as Kim's work takes off, I imagine her prices will reflect the demand. Take advantage now!