Friday, June 18, 2010

FAQ: Are my diapers repelling?

Q: How do I know if my diapers are repelling?
A: It's a term that pocket and AIO diaper users fear: repelling diapers. Repelling is a never a good word when combined with 'diaper'. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to tell if your diapers are repelling or leaking. Here are some things to consider:
Is the diaper dry when you notice the leaking? If the soaker or insert is very dry, there's a good chance that the diaper is repelling, rather than absorbing, urine.
How is the fit of the diaper? If the diaper is gapping at the legs or waist, or if the diaper seems too big/roomy (like with a newborn), the diaper may simply be leaking rather than repelling.
Is the diaper soaked when it leaks? If it's a very wet diaper, it's not repelling. You may need to add absorbency or change more often.
What causes repelling?
~Using the wrong detergent
~Detergent build-up
~Using an incorrect diaper ointment
How can you stop repelling?
~Doing a very hot wash with several rinses
~Using a SMALL amount of Dawn. Sometimes scrubbing the inside of the diaper is necessary.
The best way to tell if your diapers are no longer repelling is to use them. Putting some water on top to see if it absorbs is not really accurate. Most diapers need the compression of a baby bottom to absorb effectively. Natural fibers, like cotton, hemp or bamboo will absorb with this test, but they are less likely to repel in the first place.