Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bumGenius 3.0 vs. bumGenius 4.0

Many parents love bumGenius diapers and the 3.0 pocket was a big seller at Snooty Booty Diapers. For this reason, many parents were surprised when Cottonbabies announced they were discontinuing the 3.0 pocket. Fears were alleviated the next week when the improved 4.0 version was announced. The restyled diaper address some concerns parents had with the 3.0, namely the upper weight limit, elastic and closure/laundry tabs.

So, is the bumGenius 4.0 really better? Will bumGenius be able to retain its great reputation, or even make it better? Here's a rundown of the 4.0. In pictures, the moonbeam is the 3.0 and the grasshopper is the 4.0 snap version. Both diapers were washed 2-3 times and worn 2-3 times each:

Sizing-The 4.0 definitely has a longer rise than the 3.0. This side-by-side picture shows the difference. The longer rise is more comparable to a lot of other one-size diapers out there and will hopefully remedy many babies outgrowing the diaper before potty-training. It's also possible to see that the waist is a little larger as well.

bumGenius compared the fit of the 4.0 to the Flip. I was a little worried about this, since Flip fits larger than the 3.0 or Elemental. We were comfortably able to start using the 3.0 on my daughter in-between 9-10 lbs. She moved to the middle snap setting at around 15 lbs. With the Flip, we could actually use the smallest setting at around 18 lbs. max. Similar sizing could spell trouble using these on a newborn.

In comparing the two versions, however, it seems that the smallest size setting is about the same. The leg holes of the 4.0 even seem a touch smaller. While the upper limit is extended, I would think the lower limit to be about the same. I don't have a newborn to test it on, and would love for someone to chime in on this.

Hook and loop: The hook and loop does seem grippier than the older version. The loop of the loop is bigger (hope that makes sense). Instead of using fabric laundry tabs, the tab is made of the same loop material as the front of the diaper. Hopefully this will help those who found the tabs to become less sticky over time. Parents that want to avoid that altogether can choose the snap version.

Elastic: Since the diaper is so new, it's hard to tell how well the elastic will perform over time. If it does need replacing, the elastic is now more easily accessible.
3 new colors have also been added. They are even more pastel than the original pastel colors. Noodle is a pale yellow, almost a dark cream. Bubble is a light lavender and sweet is almost a mint green.

So, will you love the 4.0? It really comes down to what you need in a diaper. If you really liked the 3.0 and your concerns were addressed, then the 4.0 could be a great diaper for you. I don't think there will be many people who are able to use the 3.0 and not the 4.0. If you weren't crazy about the fit, didn't like suedecloth, don't love pocket diapers in general...then the 4.0 is still not going to be a good "fit" for you (hee, hee).
I'll post some comparison fit shots as soon as I have a cooperating model. Feel free to share yours!



Bets said...

It's very interesting to see a comparison.... thanks for going to the effort to put this together!

Anonymous said...

thanks sis .. good review ..

Hilary Lemon said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm trying to decide whether or not to jump on a deal on some gently used 3.0s. This helped me decide. Thanks again!