Monday, July 12, 2010

Cloth for the Coast

For the past two months, it's been impossible to escape the terrible images and news coming from the Gulf Coast. Unlike earthquakes or hurricanes that produce only minutes or hours of devastation, the oil leak has been constant. This seemingly endless stream of oil has made many feel helpless. Behind the first waves of oil-slicked birds and clogged beaches, we can only expect more. How can anyone make a difference?

Tereson from FuzziBunz lives in Louisiana and has seen the onslaught of the spill firsthand. Realizing that the absorbent inserts and prefolds we are all familiar with could help affected wildlife, she came up with the idea of Cloth for the Coast. Working with local organizations, FuzziBunz is collecting diapering items that can help to clean oil off of wildlife.

Currently, Cloth for the Coast is collecting:
microfiber towels and inserts
prefold diapers
baby blankets
burp cloths

It looks as if there may be more collection opportunities for diapers and items with snaps and velcro. These items will be donated to families affected by the spill. For the animals, though, the donated items must be free of velcro and snaps.
Learn more and get the latest updates at Cloth for the Coast's Facebook page. To help the effort, Snooty Booty Diapers is collecting these items and sending them in one large package. You can drop them off locally or send them in. For each item you donate to Snooty Booty's box, you'll receive $1 in store credit, up to $5 (per household, one time credit only). Use the contact form above to arrange an drop-off or find out how to send them to me.
I feel a little better knowing I can do something to help, even if it's small gesture. Hopefully, our donations will go a long way to helping the animals affected.



Julie Kieras said...

Hi there - I'm really interested in promoting this effort on my blog as well - I've been trying to find where I can get the information directly so that I can write about it on my blog too ( Could you possibly direct me to where you got your info? Thanks!

Michelle said...

If you follow the Cloth for the Coast Facebook link, it should take you to the Facebook page with all of the info and updates.

Julie Kieras said...

Okay, great thanks! would it also be okay if I link my post back to your post was well, since you're offering such a great incentive for people to send their old diapers? Let me know!

Michelle said...

That's fine, thanks for asking :)