Thursday, August 5, 2010

How else do you keep your home and family green?

Cloth diapering isn't the only "green" part of many families. Instead, it's part of an overall picture and lifestyle. Over time, I've taken small steps to reduce the amount of garbage that my family generates. An upside is that it's often saved us money as well!
This is the general order we've taken:
reducing energy consumption
reusable napkins and cleaning cloths
cloth diapers
green cleaning products
reusable menstrual products
fuel-efficient cars
growing our own vegetables
I'm also constantly on the lookout for healthful foods and organic groceries. This is difficult, as I do love my sweets! As the opportunities have arisen, we've changed our appliances to more efficient models. We FreeCycle and donate items we no longer need. When we find a way to use a reusable version of something, we do.
I say "we" and hope that my children learn to be environmentally conscious by example. We're not perfect and still have tons of room to grow. Next on my list-and this has been there for a while-is composting. Any tips would be appreciated.
Does cloth diapering fit into an overall greener picture in your home as well?



Jill said...

We have been using cloth towels for a while, dish cloths, too. The new kleenex 'hand towels' that are one use for home bathrooms disgust me. If someone REALLY washes their hands, there should be no germs on a 'home' towel. There's always putting out a fresh one every day if it's THAT big of a concern. We have long since tried cutting out paper towels, but still use them for windows and to strain our tea grounds, rarely for anything else. We do our best, but there is always more we could do.

dannyscotland said...

I recycle as much as I can, I have (finally) switched mostly to cloth wipes, and I made some reusable cleaning cloths. I don't know why I never thought of napkins, seems like a no-brainer. I am going to do that right away. I also saw some products that I'm going to get to cut down our energy consumption (at Target online, Practecol, in case someone's wondering) and my husband's water use (he is so wasteful and despite my best efforts, still leaves the water running while brushing his teeth! I hate it!). I also line dry my diapers and if I can get a better line set up I would like to line dry a lot of other things, too. I love buying used toys for my daughter, and I often shop at consignment shops for her clothes.
Oh, and Jill's comment about Kleenex's one use towels--I *totally* agree!! I couldn't even believe they came out with those when this is such a time of being environmentally conservative! I hate those things.