Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sprout Change Diapers

Another all in two diaper has hit the market, for those of you that love this streamlined diaper concept. Sprout Change, from the maker of WillowPads and WillowSprout, takes a lot of the features found in your favorite all in two diapers and incorporates them into one great design. The newest version just debuted this Monday, and its updates are really great. Reaching the adjustment on the original version was somewhat difficult. It was really the only thing holding me back from loving this diaper. Fortunately, this has been fixed, so the diaper's great features shine through. Here are some highlights:
internal adjustment- The v2 has easily accessible internal leg and waist adjustment through an opening on the hip. Buttonhole elastic offers plenty of size options to get a great fit. I was able to take the guesswork out of adjusting and could actually move the elastic while it was on my daughter. Super easy!

reversisible cover- Sprout Change has some great new colors. If you're having trouble deciding, remember that each cover is reversible. One side is side-snapping-the fit on the other side is front snaps.

no-guess snaps-Snapping diapers are not difficult to use. Some people, though feel that velcro diaper are easier to put on since there's not fooling around with waist and leg snaps. For those uncomfortable with using snaps (which setting is right?), Sprout Change offers no-guess snaps. Instead of using multiple snaps to get a good fit, the internal elastic takes care of it. There are three snaps total on each side, so it's impossible to snap on the wrong setting.

organic hemp or stay-dry-Sprout Change has absorbent hemp folding inserts. You can use them alone or fold them into an insert sleeve. This makes it easy to add absorbency as necessary and keep diaper changes fast. Customers have the option of a natural sleeve or a stay-dry poly sleeve.

I really like that Sprout Change has some unique features while still staying true to a streamlined all in two system. It's familiar enough to make it simple to use, but has some design elements you won't find elsewhere. I enjoy this diaper and reversing the sides to match outfits. My one recommendation: if you find that the diaper is sagging, let out the rise and tighten the waist a bit. It will improve the fit incredibly!