Friday, September 3, 2010

Bottombumpers One Size Diaper

Bottombumpers was one of the last brands to offer sized-only diapers, so I knew it was only a matter of time until they developed a one-size diaper. I wondered though, if a one size version would stay true to the trim-fitting design of their sized diapers. One of the brand's great features is the trim fit. It's really hard to keep a trim fit in a one-size while providing enough coverage for larger babies on larger settings.

Would it keep a great fit? And what about the adjustment? For a while, Bottombumpers kept it hush-hush. Retailers knew it wasn't a snap-down rise, but it wasn't adjustable elastic. It was hard to think of what the adjustment might be.

A couple of months ago, retailers were allowed to purchase a one-size sample to try out. I was very excited to receive the one-size diaper...until I opened the package. When I took it out, I was sure that Bottombumpers had sent me a sized diaper by accident. They looked exactly alike! To show how easy it is to confuse them, I lined up 3 diapers here. 2 are sized, and the yellow one is one size. It blends in so well!

After some poking around the diaper, I discovered that it was, in fact, a one size diaper. The adjustment is snap-down, but not on the rise. It's ingeniously hidden underneath the snap in soaker! Once the soaker is in place, it's impossible to see. The placement of the snaps allows the diaper to retain the great Bottombumpers trimness, but it's faster to adjust than leg elastic.

The size settings are color-coded, so you never have to worry about putting the diaper at 2 different settings. Brilliant!

Since the diaper accommodates 4 size settings, it's not quite as trim on the smaller settings at the sized Bottombumpers. It is less bulky than many other one size brands, thanks to the smooth, snap-less rise. The absorbency of the soakers is great, and the materials are the same that you are used to in the sized version. To help compare, the green diaper is the one-size on the second setting next to a medium size blue.

The verdict? I really like this diaper and was excited for its release. Since it's looking like we might have outgrown our medium Bottombumpers before my daughter potty-trains, I'm glad that I'll be able to move her easily to the next size setting on the one-size. It's trim enough that clothing fits easily over the diaper, and she does well with the absorbency. If you're really concerned about getting the trimmest fit, then you should still consider the sized diapers. Otherwise, the one-size is a great way to go!

Right now the one-size is available in 6 colors and in side-snaps only. Enjoy free shipping on the one-size version until 9/15/10 with code "bbfree". You'll also receive a coupon code to use on your next Bottombumpers purchase-since you'll definitely be back to buy more!