Friday, September 17, 2010

FAQ: What do I use with wool?

Q: I am having some longies made for me out of wool... I currently have been using cloth diapers but when using wool I am not sure where to start. What kind of insert do I use or do I have to use a pre-fold? I love the look and the idea but I do not want them to be bulky... what is my least bulky but will work method with wool. Any help would be great! I really want to use them this winter.

A: Since wool acts as a waterproof cover (be sure to lanolize!), it's great for use over fitteds and prefolds. Some people use them as an added layer over all in ones or pocket diapers overnight. During the day, though, wool over a waterproof diaper is probaby overkill.

Inserts-Wool doesn't have a place to hold an insert, so this would not be your best option. Fabrics like microfiber (a common insert fabric) shouldn't touch the skin anyway. Likewise, trifolding a prefold would be tricky, since it can easily shift without the leg elastic that a wrap-style cover provides.

Fitteds are wonderful under wool. A trim fitted like Tiny Tush One Size hemp would work well. If the fitted is trim, your wool/diaper combo will be as well.

Prefolds are also great under wool. You just need to be sure to use pins or a Snappi to hold it in place. If you decide to use a Snappi, be sure to pull the wool over it carefully when taking it on and off. Otherwise, you could end up snagging your lovely knitted wool.

Whatever you decide, wool is great for breathability and longevity. Unlike PUL covers, you can use a wool cover many times, washing about once a week.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help!!! I have a few prefolds. I think I will start with them and maybe add a couple of the fitted ones.