Monday, October 18, 2010

Business Spotlight: Scribbleprints

I'm always looking for cute things to add into my orders. It's hard to find something small, lightweight and fun. Gale from Scribbleprints recently helped me out with some mini bookmarks. They are great for books as well as notebooks, checkbooks and more. She easily added my logo and coordinated the bookmarks to match the colors in the logo. I was excited to see the finished product and look forward to including them in orders!

Besides bookmarks and business cards, Scribbleprints offers a wide range of products through Zazzle. You can order t-shirts, tote bags, mousepads, cards and more. There are some funny designs, like "Sleep Deprived Parent" and some cute t-shirts for babies and toddlers. The Tribal Toes design provides a great balance of celebrating a new baby and keeping an adult element to the product.

Gale incorporates her artwork into the products for some really different designs. The wide range of products makes it easy to find a gift for most new parents and babies. Gale is also willing to change colors and designs as needed to make the order personalized and unique.

The "scribble" aspect of the artwork makes the designs interesting to look at. They are definitely eye-catching! The designs easily fit on a classy business card or t-shirt.

Take a look at Scribbleprints for some great business or gift ideas. You'll find a lot of funny, classy and different designs! Right now Gale is offering a 10% discount for Sweetest Day, so it's an excellent time to get come holiday shopping done or pick up a gift for a new parent.