Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Product Focus: "B" Blanket

New babies are so exciting! I love the fresh feeling of hope with each new friend or family member who announces the good news of a new baby. I also love to pick out a special gift to help celebrate the baby's arrival. After a while, however, gifts blend together. It's hard to find something useful but different, something that won't collect dust on a shelf or get lost in a drawer.

That's why I love the "b" blanket from Rain or Shine Kids. This versatile blanket works well as a carrier blanket, nursing cover, stroller blanket and more. It's polar fleece on one side and nylon on the other. The combination of fabrics helps to make the blanket warm and water resistant. Short ties allow the blanket to tie to the straps of a baby carrier or stroller. I've used this blanket while wearing my daughter in a hip carrier to keep her warm. It's also great when it's raining. I can throw it around my neck to keep her dry. Recently we were at the park and the benches were a little damp. I grabbed the "b" blanket out of my car to keep our bottoms dry.

While the blanket is an ample size up to toddler-hood, it's not bulky. I really like it because it's useful for parents regardless of their crunchy-factor. It's a great nursing cover or to use while babywearing, but it's also practical on strollers and infant carriers. When I give this as a gift, I'm pretty sure that the parents don't already have one. I'm also confident they can find some use for it.

With the colder weather coming up, consider the "b" blanket as a unique gift. For a more high-end gift or for use after babyhood, consider the "b" blanket's cousins, the Woobie and Super Woobie.