Saturday, November 20, 2010

Product Focus: Softbums Omni

There are a lot of things to love about Softbums diapers. They are trim, very adjustable and affordable. Different soaker options allow you to customize the absorbency and fabric that's best for your child. Building on the popularity of the Echo system, Softbums has released its Omni diaper. The Softbums Omni functions much the same as the Echo, but with a pocket option as well. Usable as a cover, all in two and pocket diaper, Omni is one of the most versatile diapers on the market today.

How does the Omni compare to the Echo? The adjustability is the same, and the fit is similar. In order to accommodate a pocket opening with insert, the crotch and cut of the Omni is slightly larger. It's not quite as trim, but is still much trimmer than many one size pockets on the market. If you are using the Omni with a snap-in soaker, the difference is not as noticeable. In this picture, you see the Echo on top of the Omni-a little bigger but not terribly so.

Should you opt for the Echo or the Omni? If the very trimmest fit is what you need, then the Echo will be a better choice. If you want more versatility, then the Omni is your best bet. Right now, the pricing on both systems is the same. It could be that a combination of both kinds best meets your needs. Either way, you can expect the great quality and fit from both systems.
Omni features:
SoftBums Patent Pending Slide²Size is the ONLY variable adjustment of its kind
Fits all legs widths from 4" - 14" for NO red marks EVER. Made in the USA!
Choose your own Pods for a customized diapering system!
SoftBums Omni is larger than an Echo to more easily cover prefolds, flats and fitteds!
Huge pocket opening is easy to stuff and un-stuff
No Leaks, Thanks to Slide²Size Technology!
SoftBums Omni protects against rash; up to 80% less rash than disposables!
Industrial strength velcro closures are long lasting and won't "wear out" like other velcro
Reusable Omni shell saves money, space, and resources