Friday, May 6, 2011

New Product at Snooty Booty: Sweet Pea Diapers

I'm often asked how I decide which products to carry in the store. I look for quality items that add something new to the selection. If a product gets a lot of positive buzz or a lot of customers ask me about it, I take a look. I like to test things on my own children whenever possible so that I have a good idea of the product's fit and function.

Sweet Pea diapers offer great quality for a great price-great value! Unlike many lower-priced diapers I've looked at, Sweet Pea diapers run true to one-size diapers. Many others run small and wouldn't be able to recommend them for larger babies. They are easy to stuff and offer cross-over snaps-something many other snapping diapers miss. This makes it easier to get a good fit on newborn and small-waisted babies.

The feature I love most is the option for the hemp insert. The diapers come with a snap-down one size microfiber insert AND the choice of a hemp/cotton insert. Most other one size diapers come with 2 microfiber inserts, but the hemp does a lot to add absorbency while maintaining a trimmer fit.

Priced at $15.95, Sweet Pea is a more economical option for diapering and a great price at 18.95 for a hemp option. I'm always cautious when adding lines made overseas. Some very popular economical options state "our workers are happy" with little to back up the statements. When pressed for more information, the companies stopped responding to my e-mails. Sweet Pea Diapers was very forthcoming in my requests and concerns. That makes me more confident in carrying the brand.
Be sure to take a look at Sweet Pea diapers. Hopefully you'll be as impressed as I was!