Friday, June 3, 2011

3 Different Swim Diapering Options

If you're cloth diapering, it's a no-brainer to use resuable swim diapers. Many parents use a pocket diaper with no insert for swimming. If you don't use pocket diapers or just want to keep swim diapers separate, there are several cute swim diapering options for you.

Bummis Swimmi - The Swimmi is a tried and true favorite among cloth diapering families. The trim design of the diaper makes it easy to use alone or under a traditional swimsuit. A hook and loop closure means that it's easy to adjust and get a good fit around the waist. The width of the hook and loop means you can also adjust it up and down to fit the legs well, too. A new XL size means that the Swimmi will fit most children in diapers. The prints are absolutely adorable!

Bambino Mio Swim Nappy -The Bambino Mio swim diaper is a bit more like a traditional bathing suit bottom. The prints are also cute and match well with solid colored suit tops. The waist features a drawstring as well as elastic to ensure a good fit.

AMP Swim Diaper - With a snap opening, this diaper is easily removed in the event of a poo explosion and the snaps remain easy to clean. The micromesh allows water to escape the diaper so that your little one's bottom doesn't resemble a water balloon (this can happen with PUL pockets :).