Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kissaluvs Newborn All in One

Even before I knew much about cloth diapering, I'd always heard that Kissaluvs fitteds were the gold standard for worry-free newborn diapering. The umbilical snap down, the snap configuration and the leg elastic are important design features that make this a great fitting newborn diaper.

For those that love Kissaluvs for newborns but want a one-piece diapering solution, look no further! They have unveiled the newborn all in one diaper. A PUL outer and stay dry inner help keep baby dry. It has the same snap-down feature and great leg protection as its fitted cousin. Unlike many one size diapers, this really fits newborns right from the start. The double snaps in the front allow it to fit a little longer than some other newborn diapers. Depending on the shape of your baby, you could get up to 15 lbs. with this diaper, compared to the 10 or 12 lbs. some other diapers get.

Unpacking these, it almost made me want a newborn again! I don't think cute diapers are quite a good enough reason for another child, though. Thank goodness for newborn nephews!