Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reusable Round-up-Chico Bag rePETe Produce Bags

Looking to kick that disposable bag habit? Chico Bag Company has designed some great products that make using reusable bags convenient and fun. For grocery shopping, Chico Bags are a great choice, but don't forget about their Produce Stand line! These mesh bags make shopping for produce a breeze. The bags maintain optimal humidity and air flow and allow ethylene gas to escape so that food doesn't spoil or ripen too quickly. They are lightweight and large enough to accommodate produce such as potatoes and onions. The light tare weight is less than an ounce.

All Chico rePETe products are made from 100% recycled PET. Many other components used in production (the aluminum carabiner, polyurethane cording, etc.) are made from recycled sources as well.

For those partial to natural fabrics, the produce line also comes in a hemp/cotton option.

What a great way to make grocery shopping even greener!