Friday, July 29, 2011

FAQ: What are all these closures?

Q: It seems that many diapers close with snaps or velcro. I see a lot of names like aplix, touchtape...what are these?

A: There are many names for the hook and loop closure that we commonly call Velcro. Many people don't realize it, but Velcro is actually a brand name that we use as a common word. Kind of like the way we use the word 'band-aid' or 'kleenex'-both brands and not the generic name of the product. Similar to Velcro, many cloth diapering companies describe their closures as touchtape, Aplix or hook and loop. Each company uses the brand of closure it feels will hold up best over time. Someone familiar with these products may notice the difference between them. For most of us, they look almost the same and work the same.