Thursday, July 21, 2011

For many cloth diapering families, supporting WAHM companies and USA companies is extremely important. The Made in the USA series highlights cloth diapering manufacturers that work hard to keep production local and within the USA.

Next up is Kissaluvs. This company has been a name in the cloth diapering world for a long time! In past years, they've expanded greatly from the fitted diapers they are famous for. They have a full line of diapers, covers and accessories. Here's a little more from Tashi...

Where in the US are Kissaluvs produced? In our own factory in Houston, TX (except for Wool Covers).

How did you get started in the cloth diapering industry? By cloth diapering my own son.

Have you run into any challenges keeping diaper production in the US? Yes, it’s hard to stay competitive with made in China and Turkey products.

What is your favorite Kissaluvs product? It’s almost like with babies- hard to pick a favorite! But some of our new products like the Antibacterial Wetbags, Marvels All in Ones are super easy and convenient for parents and I enjoy using them too.

What can we expect to see next from Kissaluvs? Lots more wearable, washable, wonderful products.

Snooty Booty Diapers carries many Kissaluvs products, including the new newborn all in one, wipes, trainers, wet bags, pail liners and fitteds. If there's a product or color you're looking for, we are happy to order it for you!