Friday, July 8, 2011

Made in the USA: Knickernappies Diapers

For many cloth diapering families, supporting WAHM companies and USA companies is extremely important. The Made in the USA series highlights cloth diapering manufacturers that work hard to keep production local and within the USA.

Our first manufacturer spotlight is on Knickernappies. I loved these diapers even before I was a retailer. The custom fit were wonderful when my daughter was a newborn and we've enjoyed using the one size as well. Knickernappies offers a wide range of quality products, from sprayers to inserts to diaper pails. Here's a little more about them from owner Heather...

Where in the US are Knickernappies produced? All of our sewn products are made in Oregon. This includes all of our diapers, all inserts, nursing pads, pail liners, etc. Diaper Sprayers are assembled in Georgia.

How did you get started in the cloth diapering industry? Like most in the cloth diaper industry, I started because of my kids. My first child had chronic diaper rash from the day she was born. It took us 7 weeks to discover and try cloth diapers. Cloth solved her rash issue and we were hooked A year later, we bought Knickernappies. Our son has been in cloth from the beginning.

Have you run into any challenges keeping diaper production in the US? Yes. Producing in the US is often difficult, expensive, and now that many companies have taken their diaper production overseas, it's also hard to compete on price and innovation. But we're committed to making a quality product in the US. We know the people who sew our diapers personally. We are always looking for ways to produce our products more intelligently so we can always have our products made here.

What is your favorite Knickernappies product? I'm most proud of the LoopyDo. That was the answer to leaking issues we had with our daughter. We hadn't even purchased Knickernappies yet, so I was sewing inserts and selling them on a diapering forum that no longer exists. My first prototypes were hilarious. I wish now that I'd kept them...they would have been great in our "museum"!

What can we expect to see next from Knickernappies? We're working on several new ideas. Our prefolds just came out in May, so we're hoping to have a cover within the next several months. And years ago, we made wipes. They were so popular that we couldn't keep up with demand, so we discontinued them. We're hoping to bring those back soon.

Thank you so much for the great information, Heather! Snooty Booty Diapers proudly carries a wide range of Knickernappies products.