Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Newborn Diapering Options Grow

Cloth diapering products follow certain trends. One size diapers, all in two systems, owls...when a craze hits one brand, many others follow suit. One size diapering certainly took the cloth diapering world by storm. Many parents, though, complain that one size diapers do not fit the newest babies. Recently, many companies have begun offering newborn diapers, or a smaller version of their one size diapers. Often they are designed to start fitting around 6 pounds and fit as long as 15 pounds. Here's a sampling of companies that have expanded to newborn size (or were ahead of the trend and always offered it):

Kissaluvs-A longtime newborn favorite, Kissa's size 0 fitteds feature a snap-down umbilical cutout and hug baby legs so well. They are great for holding in that newborn poo. Recently, Kissaluvs designed an all-in-one newborn diaper. It offers the great fit of the fitted with one piece convenience.

GroVia-GroVia's newborn diapers are so small and cute, it's impossible not to want a newborn to wear them. I think these diapers could almost make nighttime changes enjoyable...almost.

Bummis Newborn Pack-Bummis has always offered great newborn size diapers. They've combined their Super Brites with the newborn prefolds to create a create giftpack for a new baby.

Happy Heinys-In addition to a mini one-size that fits up to 15 pounds, Happy Heinys has micro sizes for preemie babies as small as 3 pounds.

Softbums-This is technically a one-size diaper, but the cover gets so small that there's no problem using this on a newborn. The newborn package offers 24 mini pods rather than full size. Once baby outgrows the mini pods, they make great doublers. With the covers adjusting to larger sizes, moving up to the dry touch pods is very affordable.

Since they are not worn as long as other sizes, newborn diapers tend to cost a little less than their one-size counterparts. This can help to make a short time period more affordable. The cuteness factor of these diapers is almost too much to resist. Even if you think you can get by with prefolds and covers or one size diapers, it's nice to have a couple of true newborn diapers in your stash as well.