Thursday, August 11, 2011

Made in the USA: Thirsties (plus a giveaway!)

For many cloth diapering families, supporting WAHM companies and USA companies is extremely important. The Made in the USA series highlights cloth diapering manufacturers that work hard to keep production local and within the USA.

Thirsties was one of the first diaper cover we tried. As the offering has grown to add the Duo line of pockets, fitteds, wraps and prefolds, we have grown to love the brand even more! Thirsties is one of the few brands that offers every product you need for cloth diapering. It's a great 'one stop shop' brand for easy diaper decisions. Here's a little from Sadler Merrill about the company...

Where in the US are Thirsties produced?
Colorful Colorado. That is where we are from, as was the original founder. It also happens to be a very environmentally-friendly state and is centrally located in the country, thereby reducing our shipping times and costs for our domestic retail partners.

How did you get started in the cloth diapering industry?
About 2 years ago my father and I began looking for an environmentally-friendly business in an positively trending industry to acquire. After 9 months of searching, we were thrilled to find Thirsties. It was in an industry that we genuinely believed in and immediately recognized that the company had a lot of positive momentum. For me personally, the timing was perfect as my wife and I were expecting our first child a few months later. Our daughter, Mia, is now our #1 product tester. We have loved using cloth diapers and are thankful to have discovered the benefits of them before our child was born.

Have you run into any challenges keeping production in the US?
Yes and no. Yes, in that we see that many of our competitors are manufacturing in China or other countries for the cheaper labor and material costs, which does give them some competitive advantages. No, meaning that we are very committed to keeping our manufacturing in the United States. We believe in rewarding the skills and talents of our fellow Americans; (b) we aim to reduce the distance our diapers travel from yarn to diaper, thus greatly reducing the carbon footprint of our manufacturing and distribution processes; (c) because we want to do our part to build domestic industry; (d) because we know that the only way to truly monitor quality – from raw goods to final product - is to build individual and mutually beneficial relationships with each and every one of our suppliers and sewers.

What is your favorite Thirsties product?
I love the Duo Diapers. They are so easy to use and reliable in any situation; daytime, nighttime, at home, or on the go. It is a two piece diaper system that has 5 layers of hemp/cotton blend and 2 layers of microfiber terry, seven thirsty absorbent layers in all. The ultra-soft microfleece liner on the inside protects baby’s skin from wetness and also resists staining. The duo openings featured in Thirsties Duo Diaper enable easy insert stuffing from either side of the diaper and also make for easy cleaning.

What can we expect to see next from Thirsties?
That is a great question. We are working on a few new products to be launched at the ABC Expo in the end of September. We may even launch them beforehand if they are ready (it is hard to keep a secret).

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