Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All in one choices expand and grow in popularity

Cloth diapering definitely goes in cycles...from one size to all in two, trainer availability...now all in ones are swinging into popular focus again. Several brands have revamped their all in one diapers to make them more convenient and to eliminate some of the downsides to all in one diapering.

The new Thirsties Duo All in One is a great improvement over the sized version from several years ago. The diaper now comes in snap or aplix closure and features the popular 2-size system of the Duo line. The internally-sewn soaker has a stay dry top over microfiber. It's sewn in a way that a doubler can be added underneath the soaker and stay securely in place. The tunnel design also allows for faster drying times as well.

Also debuting a redesign is the bumGenius all in one, now called the Freetime All in One. This diaper is also now a one size diaper. Like the Flip inserts, the Freetime soakers are suedecloth-topped microfiber. The soakers are sewn on one end, making drying time very fast. These diapers come in hook and loop or snap closures in the full line of new and old bumGenius colors.

Swaddlebees simplex diapers released to huge demand. A redesign of the diaper keeps the sized version, but now offers a one size option. While not as trim (it also has front snaps rather than side snaps), it is a great diaper for those looking for an all in one with natural fibers. The birdseye cotton inner is absorbent, and for those that want a stay-dry top, you can pull out an attaced microfleec layer. The soaker is sewn pocket-style so that extra absorbency can be added as necessary. It really is a versatile diaper that gives parents many options. The prints for this line are extremely adorable.

For those that had originally turned away from an all in one option, it may be time to revisit the style again. All in one diapers have come a long way in drying times and convenience.