Monday, April 16, 2012

Cloth Diapering 101 FAQ

Cloth diapers are easy to use, but it may not seem that way in the beginning! Here are some very common cloth diapering FAQ that many new parents ask:
What do you do with the poop? (#1 asked question!)
It's the number one concern, and it's really nothing gross or gory. For breastfed babies, no special care is really needed. The stool is very soluble and will wash out in the wash cycle. For more solid stools, simply shake into the toilet. You can use a liner or diaper sprayer for easier clean-up.
What kind/brand is best?
There are literally hundreds of cloth diaper brands on the market today. Many started out with a mom designing a cloth diaper for her child, and it spiraled from there. No one brand is best for any baby. There are also so many options that really are a personal preference (natural fiber or stay-dry? Snaps or velcro?) Choose one or two brands you think you might like and go from there.
As long as you find a diaper that's good quality, has good absorbency and offers a good fit on your child, you've found the 'best' diaper!
How do I wash them?
What do I put dirty diapers in while I'm out?
A wet bag is a mess-free and easy option.
How do I wash?
There are as many wash routines as diaper brands. I've found it best to start simply. Our personal routine is a quick rinse/wash without detergent and then a warm/hot wash with a cloth diaper safe detergent. I hang dry covers and pockets and throw inserts and prefolds into the dryer.
For other questions, please visit Snooty Booty's cloth diapering FAQ page.