Monday, July 23, 2012

Potty Training Take 2

Although I know it's not true, it seems as if my first daughter potty-trained overnight and on her own. In reality, it took a good amount of work on our part, and there were accidents for about a month before we really considered her trained. We used trainers during and after, until we were comfortable taking her out and putting her to bed in regular underwear.

It wasn't easy, but compared to my second daughter, training her seemed like a dream. We started my second daughter around 2 1/2, the age my oldest was when she trained. A year later, I think we've finally won the battle. After many tears (and not just from her!), we are in regular underwear most of the time, with trainers filling in for outings and nights.

Since there are some different cloth potty-training options since my first daughter trained, I took the opportunity to test out some cute designs. As with diapers, we prefer cloth trainers for cuteness, comfort and chemical reduction.

Blueberry trainers- Nothing beats the adorable designs for this trainer. I let my daughter pick from the many choices, and she selected the elephant print. Unlike many cloth trainers, Blueberry training pants really look like underwear. They have some hidden pul and absorbency, but they are fairly trim. The soft velour inner feels wet after an accident.  They go on and off like real underwear and are great for an older child that may be self-conscious about accidents. Like all pull on/off trainers, it can be a little messy to clean a solid accident. There's no option to customize absorbency, so it's really made to catch a small accident. I found they run a little small, so unless your child is very slim, it's best to size up. Overall, my daughter enjoys this trainer and it's very well made.

Kissaluvs trainer-The Kissaluvs trainer has a full PUL outer and cotton inner. This makes it a better option for larger accidents, as does the customizable pocket. We usually just use the built-in absorbency, but it's nice to have the option for extra. This has snaps to remove the trainer. It can be a big bonus for messy solid accidents. This feature makes it feel a little more like a diaper and less like underwear. It's a lot trimmer than a diaper and easy to pull on and off. Since there is PUL all the way around, it's a good night option with added absorbency.

GroVia trainers- The GroVia trainer features customizable side flex panels. Matching panels are sold with the diaper with the option to mix and match side colors. It's a cute idea for children that need to feel in control. Overall, my daughter lacks the fashion sense to care about those details. Like the Kissaluvs trainer, the GroVia trainer has built-in absorbency with a pocket to add more. The pocket is a lot more narrow, so a fold to fit insert is best. I loved the super soft mesh inner of the GroVia. There are two sizes of panels and we definitely needed the larger one, even though my daughter is on the small side.

Some other lower-cost options include:
 Bummis Training pants -these run larger and are great for older childen with occasional night accidents. They are pull-ups to seem more like regular undewear.

Bambino Mio are the most like real underwear. They have the least absorbency and are good for light accidents.

At first, we used cloth diapers at night, until we were down to one wetting or small accident. Most trainers aren't designed to catch multiple wettings.

Overall, I'm glad we are done with training, but sad that our diapers are sitting empty!