Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jellystone Designs Jewelry

Looking for a fun and functional new mom gift? A new mom yourself and want a baby-friendly piece of jewelry? Have a child that loves to tug? Just want something fun to wear? Look no further than Jellystone Designs. This BPA-free silicone jewelry fits so many needs and lifestyles that it's the perfect gift for almost any woman.

This brightly-colored jewelry looks funky and fashionable, but it's also practical. The soft silicone designs are quiet against furniture, heat-resistant and easy to clean (you can throw them in the dishwasher!). This makes the pieces a good choice for active workers that want jewelry they don't have to be too careful with.

Why are they great for new moms? Besides being easy to clean, the hospital-grade silicone is free of lead, phthalates and PVC. If baby tugs on a necklace while nursing or chews on a bracelet to relieve teething gums, there's no fear of harmful components.  The break-away clasps on the necklaces allow them to come apart if tugged too hard. They really are designed with moms and babies in mind.

I wish I had known about these when my daughters were nursing. It would have been so nice to have a fun nursing necklace I could wear anytime. And the beauty of wearing a bracelet that I wouldn't mind them chewing on-so convenient!

As it is, my older daughter claimed one of the heart pendant necklaces right out of the box. I'm always nervous about children's jewelry, since any metal pieces make me worry about lead. I could give her one of these necklaces with confidence and piece of mind.

I love the Jellystone organic bangle and the Jellystone organic pendant. The smooth lines and rich colors get attention and look like more expensive pieces of jewelry. It's also nice not to have the bracelet 'click' against the counter or other hard surfaces.

Sometimes it can be hard to balance mommyhood with other parts of a woman's life. Jellystone Designs make great pieces that perfectly compliment both sides. If you're searching for a different gift for a new mom or want to treat yourself to something pretty, check out Jellystone Designs!

(Please remember that the necklaces are not designed to be worn by children under three. Adults should supervise children while they are handling the necklaces.)



Susan said...

I love the Jellystone bangle I picked up-I always have a teether ready to go. These products are great!