Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Unique Baby Shower or New Mom Gifts

It are invited to a baby shower and by the time you check the registry, there's nothing in your price range you want to give. Or key items are out of stock. Maybe you're visiting mom and baby for the first time and want to bring over a small gift. Situations like these are ripe for mom receiving a stockpile of bibs (that all seem to profess love for Daddy) or tons of pink or blue outfits in sizes too small to last long. What to give when you want your present to be loved and used? Here are some ideas:
Jellystone Designs offers the perfect mix of fun, funky and functional. They are soft, easy to clean and perfect for nursing and teething babies. The necklaces should only be worn by mom and handled by baby under supervision, but the bracelets can easily double for a teether when you're out and about. This is a great gift for mom that baby can use as well.
Hevea Baby bath toys are made from 100% natural rubber latex. Unlike lots of bath toys, they don't have holes for water to collect and mold. They are free from BPA, PVC  and pthalates, so mom doesn't have to cringe everytime baby puts the toys in her mouth. Bath toys tend to be a popular gift item, but these are unlike many cheaper plastic toys on the market and are sure to be a favorite at bath time.
Another useful gift for moms that are breastfeeding is the Milkies Milk Saver. This ingenious device helps to catch the let down from the side you aren't feeding from. It's also great for moms that have a lot of supply and tend to leak at inopportune times. For moms that have trouble with pumping, it can be an essential way to collect every bit of milk. Like the bath toys, Milkies are produced without unwanted chemicals and produce no leaching into the milk.

Loving Naturals Adorable Baby line offers great products for those looking for natural baby care products or safe baby sunscreen. The bath wash and lotions are gentle and the skin care line offers peace of mind with excellent sun protection. All Loving Naturals products have earned a rating of "0" toxicity from the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. In addtion to the baby line, Loving Naturals offers safe, high quality bath, body and suncare products for the whole family.

If you just can't resist giving a baby blanket, Dress Me Up Organic offers some luxurious organic blankets. The super soft organic receiving blanket is hand made from organic cotton. The organic double cream blanket is also hand-made from two layers of cotton fleece and embroidered with a leaf design. Every baby receives a lot of blankets, but the high quality and softness of these blankets ensure they will be the first one mom and dad reach for.
Even at the last minute, giving a wonderful baby gift is a piece of cake. These products are probably something the new parents haven't already received. With high-quality eco-friendly components, they are also gifts you can feel really good giving.



Ysabella said...

The items here are definitely unique! I must say that they will truly be great baby shower gifts for expectant mothers. A great post indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I picked up a Jellystone bangle :)