Friday, September 28, 2012

FAQ: Is there an easy way to get inserts out of pockets?

Recently received this in an e-mail from a customer. Since a lot of people may have the same question, she said it was ok to post the answer here!
Q: We use mostly pocket diapers and I really love them-except during washing. I hate trying to wiggle the inserts out of the pockets. I've tried just leaving them in and most of the time they are bunched in on the closed end. Are some pockets easier to get the insert out of than others?
A: Besides having to stuff the pocket, this is the biggest pet peeve of pocket users. I too have tried to leave the inserts in, and they do bunch up. Some people don't have this problem, and I think it may just depend on how your washer agitates the diapers. Some tips to try:
Take the insert out before you put it in the wet bag. That way you don't have a bunch to do at one time.
Try partly wiggling the insert out (I know this really doesn't solve your problem)...that way you don't have to get it all the way out, but it's more likely it will come out in the wash.
If you do 2 washes, throw all your diapers in as-is. In between the first and second wash, take any bunched-up inserts out. That way you aren't wrestling with dirty inserts.
Try a pocket that has a pass-through pocket. Thirsties Duo Diaper, Tweedlebugs, Sweet Pea Diapers
all have front and back openings, so the insert can just come out rather than bunch up on the closed end.
Hope something there helps!