Monday, September 3, 2012

Green Back to School Lunch Products

Looking for some fun and easy ways to pack a lunch this fall? These eco-friendly lunch products are durable, reusuable and sure to cut down on the garbage created by packing a lunch each day. I have enough product for a couple days' worth of lunches. That way I have time to wash one set while the other set goes in the lunchbox. Say goodbye to baggies and foil!
The ECOLunchbox 3 in 1 is perfect for kids that like to bring a sandwich and some sides. The 2 tiered set holds a sandwich on the bottom and accoutrements on top. It even comes with a small snack/dipper container for wetter ingredients. It's versatile and great for adult lunches, too! (Tip: have your child practice opening before school. It's not hard, but a little different than some other containers.) The ECOLunchbox Oval set somes with a roomy oval stainless steel container and smaller dipper cup. It's great for salads.
PlanetWise Snack Bags come in a few styles. The PlanetWise window bag is great for allowing kids to see what's inside. The snack bag is good for smaller snacks and the sandwich wrap is a pretty way to wrap up an everyday sandwich. Let your kids pick which prints they like best, and they'll love carrying their food in these! Don't forget about the PlanetWise reusuable napkins as well. They come in the same bright patterns as the snack bags!
I'm also loving the ChicoBag Snack Time rePETe set. Sold in a set of 3, these fold-over style bags fit sandwiches and snacks alike. Even better, they are made with some recycled materials. These lightweight bags dry quickly, so it's easy to wash at night and have them ready in the morning. These are very easy to open and perfect for younger grades or preschoolers.
In a rut for some healthy lunch ideas? Pinterest is loaded with lots of fun recipes. Some are labor-intensive, some are simple. Find what works for you!